Our Values

Committed to Transparency

We work to live up to our value of full transparency with our clients. Our approach to this core value is both in our operating principles and a suite of collaborative technologies we use to provide visibility, management, and accounting at every phase of your project.


Here’s an overview of everything we do and use to provide transparency at Critical Path.

Project Monitors

We provide unfiltered, real-time access to site cameras 24/7 so you can monitor progress remotely in real-time.

Online Budget Monitoring

We use Digital Online Tools for Collaborative Estimating and Cost Management.

Collaborative Project Management

Project Management Software provides Tools for a Team Approach through the lifecycle of a job.

Risk Management

Oracle business software products allow us to manage risk and project variables and share that information

360-Degree Project Management

Project visualization tools keep our teams and our clients on the same page during design, under construction, and through to completion.

Rapid Visual Estimating

Planning software allows for takeoff in a fraction of the time with visible estimating and accurate and timely calculations.